/*We place an emphasis on communication and care about your customer feedback. By gathering customer feedback
we can help identifying your customers that are not 100% happy and making your apps better.*/


/* We not only provide you technical solutions, but also provide outstanding user interface and user experience. Our target is to help you overcome your unique business challenges. */


/* We follow Lean and Agile process, ensuring effective product scoping, faster delivery, and as a result, a quick to market product. */

Frontn Ltd is a premium software development & consultancy team based in Hong Kong.

Our services cover the entire process of development.

We always seek to provide the best solution and help you shape your products to meet the markets.


Our team has years of experience working on AWS cloud deployment. We help your enterprise launch a successful cloud initiative so you can quickly realize the benefits of cloud technology to grow and stay competitive.

Over the years we have done lots of projects using Django, enabling us to efficiently build high-quality, robust, custom web applications that scale.

In React Native apps are developed using JavaScript and sharing 80% of the code on both platforms. This makes it faster to build apps and easier to maintain them in the long run.

Firebase is a complete platform for building mobile and web applications, including  Notifications, file Storage, Analytics, Remote Config, Dynamic Links, and more.

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